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The Environmental Data Initiative: connecting the past to the future through data reuse
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  • Corinna Gries,
  • Paul Hanson,
  • Margaret O'Brien,
  • Mark Servilla,
  • Kristin Vanderbilt,
  • Robert Waide
Corinna Gries
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Paul Hanson
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Margaret O'Brien
University of California Santa Barbara
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Mark Servilla
University of New Mexico College of Arts and Sciences
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Kristin Vanderbilt
National Park Service
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Robert Waide
University of New Mexico College of Arts and Sciences
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1. The Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) is a trustworthy, stable data repository and data management support organization for the environmental scientist. In a bottom-up community process EDI was built with the premise that freely and easily available data are necessary to advance the understanding of complex environmental processes and change, to improve transparency of research results, and to democratize ecological research. 2. EDI provides tools and support that allow the environmental researcher to easily integrate data publishing into the research workflow. 3. Almost ten years since going into production, we analyze metadata to provide a general description of EDI’s collection of data and its data management philosophy and placement in the repository landscape. We discuss how comprehensive metadata and the repository infrastructure lead to highly findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) data by evaluating compliance with specific community proposed FAIR criteria. 4. Finally, we review measures and patterns of data (re)use, assuring that EDI is fulfilling its stated premise.
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